Accidental Genius: Science in Serendipity

Alice Whitehead Many of the biggest discoveries in the science community have been borne out of the accidents of scientists or development of unrelated technologies. There have been countless examples over the past few centuries. Here we recount, arguably, the ten most important serendipitous discoveries: 10. Corn Flakes   Image Credit: One day in … Continue reading Accidental Genius: Science in Serendipity

Pseudoscience – Why Are We So Easily Fooled?

Jamie Hakham From Astrology to Homeopathy, people believe a wide variety of things that have no basis in any concrete science. With the world currently in a furore over ‘fake news’, we thought we’d take an analytical eye over why people believe in bad facts and faulty logic. Pseudoscience takes many forms, and affects practically … Continue reading Pseudoscience – Why Are We So Easily Fooled?

Women in STEM: in Sheffield and Beyond

Emily Vincent Most of us have seen the statistics and stereotypes surrounding women studying or working in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) fields; it can sometimes seem an inescapable reality that these areas are male-dominated. The obvious male bias in science raises lots of important questions. Image Credit: MaxPixel What are the issues? In … Continue reading Women in STEM: in Sheffield and Beyond

How to Live on Planet Earth

Bethany Torr In a very over simplified, and arguably unhelpful manner, Google provides this definition of urbanisation: “the process of making an area more urban”. Nevertheless, let’s put some numbers to this definition. One-hundred years ago only 20% of the world population lived in a city. Factor in one industrial revolution, the emergence into the … Continue reading How to Live on Planet Earth

UK Science After Brexit

Sophia Akiva On the 23rd June 2016, the public voted for Brexit: Britain’s exit from the European Union, an event which will inevitably affect the careers of scientists both in the UK and the European Union. It is difficult to predict what the long-term outcome of Brexit will be and many of the arguments supporting … Continue reading UK Science After Brexit