What Are Soft Robotics?

Harpreet Thandi and Ashley Carley The word robot comes from the word ‘robota’ meaning forced labour in Czech. Traditionally robots are solid machines able to carry out tasks and help humans. This is now changing as the exciting new area of ‘soft robots’ is developing, where robots are made from materials such as silicone, plastic, … Continue reading What Are Soft Robotics?

Metallic Hydrogen: 80 years in the making

  Ashley Carley Rocket fuel, lightning-fast supercomputers and levitating trains are just three uses of the newly discovered metallic hydrogen – if, the Harvard scientists say, everything goes to plan. Hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant of all the elements. It forms two thirds of every drop of water, and almost 75% of the … Continue reading Metallic Hydrogen: 80 years in the making