Pseudoscience – Why Are We So Easily Fooled?

Jamie Hakham From Astrology to Homeopathy, people believe a wide variety of things that have no basis in any concrete science. With the world currently in a furore over ‘fake news’, we thought we’d take an analytical eye over why people believe in bad facts and faulty logic. Pseudoscience takes many forms, and affects practically … Continue reading Pseudoscience – Why Are We So Easily Fooled?

Should Vaccination Be Compulsory?

Jamie Hakham This is a discussion about the how vaccination should occur, rather than the concept of it. That is, we’re not going to be discussing autism, mercury poisoning, or any other discredited, unscientific, or just plain wrong arguments so-called anti-vaxxers use when dismissing vaccines. Got that? Good! Let’s instead boil this argument down into … Continue reading Should Vaccination Be Compulsory?