The Science of Sexuality

Sintija Jurkevica and Jonathan James The struggle of understanding sexuality begins to muddle even before sexual orientation can be defined. Some sources describe it as a person’s capacity to have erotic experiences and responses. However, in general, sexual orientation or preference, can be defined as “the sex (biological aspects of maleness and femaleness) of those … Continue reading The Science of Sexuality

Sally Ride’s Space Legacy

Jonathan James Sally Ride was an American physicist and astronaut, most famous for being the first American woman in space, in 1983, and the third woman in space behind Russian Cosmonauts Valentina Tereshkova and Svetlana Sativskaya. As well as being the youngest American to have travelled to space, at just 32, she is less well … Continue reading Sally Ride’s Space Legacy

The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci

Jonathan James Leonardo da Vinci is the archetypal renaissance man, a master of painting, sculptor, architecture, invention, and engineering. His work, which spanned multiple disciplines, informed not just art and design, but also contributed greatly to our understanding of zoology, botany, biology, anatomy, engineering, and physics. He filled dozens of notebooks, which continue to surface … Continue reading The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci

Why Do So Many Drugs Fail?

Jonathan James Major pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) invested a staggering 140 billion US dollars between 1997 and 2011 in drug research and development. The cost to the consumer also varies widely, with the drug Copaxone (used to treat multiple sclerosis) costing nearly $4,000 a dose in the US, compared to just $862 … Continue reading Why Do So Many Drugs Fail?

Editing Human Embryos: The Science And The Ethics

Jonathan James For a long time, the much discussed idea of editing human embryos to eradicate genetic defects has been seen as something of an extremely controversial pipe dream. Until recently, scientists had been unable to successfully edit the genome of a human embryonic cell, both for scientific and ethical reasons. That is until recently, … Continue reading Editing Human Embryos: The Science And The Ethics