Alan Turing – The Father of Computer Science

*Image reproduced with the Permission of James Evans Illustration. Sintija Jurkevica Could a computer ever be able to enjoy strawberries and cream? Could a computer ever make a human fall in love with it? These are types of questions Alan Turing (1912-1954) might ask one whole-heartedly at a dinner party, thereby unfolding the eccentricity of … Continue reading Alan Turing – The Father of Computer Science

Do Video Games Really Cause Aggression?

Helen Alford Over the years, there has been much controversy over whether video games are linked to aggression and violence in the younger population. Usually, the games discussed are first-person shooters or action-adventure games where the player has the option to use weapons. This type of game has often been cited as a potential influence … Continue reading Do Video Games Really Cause Aggression?

Leading the Blind

Andy Thompson “There is something so totally purging about blindness, that one is either destroyed or renewed. Your consciousness is evacuated. Your past memories, your interests, your perception of time. Place itself. The world itself. One must recreate one’s life.” These are the remarks of theologian John Hull who, after being visually impaired since childhood, … Continue reading Leading the Blind